Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Southern Rhapsody

My sister corrected me on the title of the quilt. Had a fabulous trip to GA. My cousin and I finished the quilt top. Now all that's left to do is remove the foundation paper backing, get it to the machine quilter, then bind and label it.

My cousin's garden is spectacular. They have a beautiful place and their garden is especially bountiful this year because the rain has been just right so far. She said the garden will work them to death between now and the end of August/beginning of September but this autumn and winter it will be worth every second of the work they are putting into it now. I believe it.

We went antiquing in Milledgeville - so me, the junk shop in this photo is the perfect junk shop - exactly what a junk shop should look like. I could have meandered through this shop all day long. Then on the way back to her house we passed a sign for an estate sale - screeech! ... as the brakes were slammed and we made a fast left turn into the neighborhood. Estate sales are bittersweet to me. But this lady obviously enjoyed sewing so I bought some fabric and lace remnants. I know somewhere she is probably smiling that a fellow sewing enthusiast bought these items and will put them to use.

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