Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graduation Party!

My son graduates from high school today.

Good grief.

While at times I wondered if we'd make it through his public school career, today I'm wondering how the time went by so quickly.

Of course, this calls for a party! A lunch time party since so many family members were going to be driving through my hood at that time anyway. Some grown-up food but mostly fun food because, after all, it's his party.

And twice, in as many weeks, the new kitchen countertop space has come in handy for partying. Actually, I use it every day and now wonder how I managed in the kitchen without it. I did add the "Wild Flour Bakery" sign but otherwise am happy with the way I set it up originally. That's unusual. Typically it takes me some time to "move into" a new space, but not this time.

I'm proud of my son and hope he enjoys his college years (not too much, though).

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