Monday, June 28, 2010

My Design Floor

I sort of have a design wall - I don't have a lot of wall space in my craft/cat/crap room so I just bought a big piece of white flannel and have that tacked up on the wall. It works pretty good and is easy to take down whenever I want to.

But sometimes I need more space than the quasi-design wall affords, so I vacuum and Swifter the floor in the living room, move some of the furniture out of the way, and use the floor space as a "design floor". It works good, too, except for when the puppy decides to chase the cat and runs across the carefully laid out blocks which then go flying ...
Tonight I made the little bugger go outside while I laid out this quilt. Don't you just love how versatile the simple 9-patch is? My mother's first question was "why aren't all of the blocks 9-patches? Why are some solid?" Well, it's because of poor math skills on my part; I didn't purchase enough of the shirting fabrics and now the shop is sold out. So, I'm being flexible and innovative out of necessity.
This quilt will end up on my bed for the cat to wallow on. I'd rather him shed on this instead of my really good quilts ...


  1. Sally, I really like the plaid quilt you have on your 'design' floor. What line of fabric is the background. It looks great with the plaids.
    Gwynette in NW Arkansas

  2. Gwynette - the white is a tone-on-tone white - any tone-on-tone white would work. This particular white has what kind of look likes little white shamrocks in a grid design. I don't remember the name of the pattern/line but will try to get it next time I go by the quilt shop. Shoot me an email at and I'll respond as soon as I have the info. thanks.