Sunday, June 20, 2010

Red & White Quilted Centerpiece for Table

This originally started out as a prototype for a quilt my cousin and I plan to make for my cousin, Ernie. After the complicated quilt we just finished for my sister, Shelley, we decided that "simplicity" needed to be the theme for the next quilt. His favorite color is red. So I played around with some white and red & white fabrics I had to make a simple pinwheel design. Patricia loves the design, so we're going with it, with a few tweaks. First, I didn't have enough of these fabrics to make a full quilt so we've purchased more fabrics (oh darn! had to buy more fabric!). We also have decided the red & white fans will be made using fabrics that go from more white than red to more red than white, to hopefully show off the pinwheel design more. However, this prototype was left over. Fortunately, my kitchen and dining area is red & white, so I machine quilted it, added the red binding, and have it on my dining table as a quasi-table runner.

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