Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kaleidescope Quilts

These are fascinating creatures to me. Even though you carefully choose the area of the fabric you are going to cut and try to envision what it will look like, until the plate is together you're not quite sure what you have.

This one is called Under The Sea (after the fabric). The little fishes swimming towards the block centers or around the edge, as well as the seahorses, was an unintended but exciting effect.

This is a small table square. I love this fabric and how it looks as a kaleidescope quilt but I think it's that little line of piping that really sets it off. This was my first kaleidescope piece and I went kaleidescope crazy after that for a while. This one is called Cherry Blossoms.

This piece is called Summer's Kaleidescope.

And this one is called Freeze Frame. On these last two I used the piping again. The piping is so incredibly fast and easy to do and gives a big bang for the buck.

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