Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quilt Top In An Evening

A couple of weeks ago I saw, on one of the many crafting and decorating blogs I enjoy reading daily, a tablecloth that was made out of bandanas. That project has stuck in my mind and I was itching to try it as a quilt top. So here it is. I have looked and looked for that blog so I could give that blogger credit but so far have been unable to find it. I'll keep looking, though.
This went together so quickly. I bought the bandanas from Michael's - have about $30 in them. Tomorrow I'll go by Hancock's and see about picking up some kind of fun 4th of July fabric for a border, along with inexpensive batting and backing. Typically I don't go the inexpensive route for my quilting supplies, but this is a "down & dirty" fast quilt and is meant to be on the inexpensive side. I'm also going to try my hand at hand-tying on this quilt as I've never done a hand-tied quilt.
So there you have it - a very fast quilt top that went together in less than 2 hours, including interruptions. This same idea could be done with some very good quality and fun "can't cut that" fabrics - maybe fussy cut a fabric to highlight a beautiful flower or scene.
This was a fun and fast project. A quick diversion during the evening.

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