Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Blue & White Quilt in Photo for my Previous Posting

This quilt was soooooooo easy to make. Honestly, it took longer to choose the fabrics than it did to make the quilt top. It's a gi-normous log cabin block. All I had to do was cut wide strips and sew them together. I even used the scraps from all the various blue & white fabrics to make the binding.

So, why did I decide to make such an easy quilt top? Because this is the quilt that stays on my bed most of the time. My cat also stays on my bed most of the time. And my cat sheds most of the time. Occasionally my cat (darn him) decides to leave me an icky hair ball as a present. So I wanted a durable quilt that I wouldn't worry about tossing in the washing machine and dryer.

After making the quilt top, I took it to Lilly Lucier (machine quilter, Vanceboro, NC) and told her how the quilt would be used and asked her to choose an appropriate machine quilting pattern. She selected a rather dense pattern that has held up very well to numerous washings. I don't remember the quilt pattern name, but it's an elongated vining design (very girlie!). The batting is a very thin wool and it feels wonderful, even in summer.

I named this quilt "Blue Chic"; the label is a mini version of the quilt top. It's so very simple, yet it's one of my favorite quilts. I also made a cover for my bed bench using the same fabrics, as well as over-sized pillows.

See? Quilt designs don't have to be elaborate or complicated to be lovely.

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