Saturday, May 29, 2010

Name Your House ...

Or apartment, or farm, or camper ... As you can tell by the photo that goes with this blog, I've named my house The Burrow. I chose that name because I think rabbits are adorable and because I enjoy coming home to my burrow and "burrowing" in for the evening.

My sister named her new cottage "ShellSeaker". She loves the beach and has decorated her cottage in a beach theme, plus all of us sisters enjoy looking for seashells, collecting them, and creating things from them. My sister chose the name and the symbol for her cottage, I collaborated with my boss to have the sign cut out of 1/2" salt-treated plywood then sent it to my niece for painting; she has such a talent in that direction. Anyway, the sign for my sister's cottage was quite a group effort.
I am fascinated by the whole concept of naming where you live. It took a little while but now when I say, "I'm going to The Burrow" folks know what I mean.
Would you name your house? If so, what would you name it?

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