Monday, May 10, 2010

Wineglass Teacups & knitted fabric handbag photo

This idea came from Country Living magazine. I got some cheap-o wineglasses from Walmart, cut off the stem portions, and glued them onto teacups. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Well, it wasn't. Just goes to prove that not all craft projects are successful.

First, it was hard to cut the wineglasses and get a somewhat smooth cut. For all but one (I made 8) I ended up having to wet some coarse grit sandpaper and spend a tremendous amount of time smoothing down the cut edge. It was not easy and didn't turn out that great.

Next, I used Superglue for Glass that cures quickly in direct sunlight. It worked great ... for a short period of time ... but suffice it to say that I would NEVER trust really drinking anything any from these wineglass teacups.

They are adorable, though, so I use them for holding knick-knacks.

If anyone has any ideas about good ways to cut glass, I'm all ears. And, if anyone has any ideas about a really good way to glue glass together, I'm all ears again.

Here is the finished knitted fabric handbag. I love it! And the color is perfect for summer and autumn. The pattern calls for 3.5 yards of fabric and you know what? I took every bit of of it, so needless to say this handbag has a bit of weight to it.

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