Friday, May 7, 2010

In Honor Of Mother's Day ...

I thought I would post a few more photos/explanations of quilts my mother and I have made together, and also a photo of a quilt I made for my son. Then I'll try to give the quilt deal a rest for a while ... you're probably getting tired of hearing about them ...

This is a quilt my mother made for me - it's a fan quilt and was one of her first bed-size quilts. She made this one totally by herself and I'm the proud benefactor of it.

This is called the Tennessee Waltz and my mother and I made this together for my sister Shelley. The pattern came from one of the Quilt In A Day books but believe me, it took longer than a day to make it! Still, it was not a difficult pattern yet gives a fun effect.

The red fabrics in this piece are what inspired my mother to make this dresden plate design. She put together the blocks then sent them to me; I assembled them and did the finishing. It's such a vivid and bold design - not one I would have equated with my mother so she surprised me a bit with this.

This is a bear claw design that my mother made for my sister Jeanette. Mother made the blocks and assembled them, then I added the border and did the finishing work. The bear claw block can be a bit tricky - in fact, I think anytime you're dealing with triangles the design can be a bit tricky.

This pattern came from the Martha Stewart website and is Birds of America. The birds are embroidered onto white blocks and then the blocks assembled into a quilt. This was my first quilting attempt and all I did was the embroidery. My mother assembled the blocks and finished the quilt for me. I never use this quilt because as soon as I put it on a bed my cat decides that is exactly where he wants to sleep and shed.

This was my very, very first quilted piece - a pillow - my mother showed me how to cut the fabric and put the block together. I use it every Christmas in the living room.

And this embroidered lapquilt was made by me with my mother's help in assembling the blocks and backing, and how to do the finishing - it's also one of my first pieces.

This quilt was made by me for my son. I made all the turtle blocks then arranged them on the design wall with all the turtles swimming in the same direction. I called my son into the craft room and asked him to choose his favorite turtle. He rolled his eyes at me and promptly chose the turtle in the top right corner - the leader of the pack. I grabbed that turtle and turned it so the turtle is swimming against the tide - that accurately describes my son - he does his own thing and sometimes swims against the tide. I think it is one of virtues.

So there you have it - my collection of mother-related quilts. Oh, an earlier post about the quilt that took 75+ years to make is also a mother-related quilt. I'm pretty hung up on quilting right now but I'll try to give it a rest for the next few posts and focus on something else.

When I think back on it, I'm amazed at how many pieces my mother and I have made together.

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