Monday, May 3, 2010

Quilt Block Sign

My little quilt block sign that I painted and hung under my pergola is starting to generate some interest! I'm tickled to see that others also enjoy the quaintness and sweetness of these painted quilt blocks.

This was an easy project. Probably the most difficult part was choosing just one block. The block I chose is called the "Tipsy Star". And I chose vibrant colors so it would stand out from a distance. The board is salt-treated 1/2" thick plywood and is 2' square. I painted it with several coats of primer then transferred the design to the board. Then I started painting - I used 3 coats of the color paints. While I tried to be neat where the color butt up to each other, I did get an black acrylic paint pen and, using a straight edge, finish the lines - this gave it a beautiful and tidy appearance. The board was then finished with several coats of polyurethane. My neighbor was kind enough to hang it for me because I was freaking out about drilling holes in the vinyl siding of my house.

A painted quilt block - it's a lovely way to show the world how much you love quilting, or to pay homage to a special quilt in your life ... or just because you like the way it looks!

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