Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Is Not Always Better

I've always had a bit of tendency to think "more is better" - an abundance mentality, if you will.

It's been a very difficult mindset for me to change, but over the past 20 months as I've lost weight, I have made a concerted effort to try to see everyday things in a simpler light.

Quilting for instance ... I typically use a lot of colors in my quilts. But lately I've been toying with some ideas for monochromatic quilt designs and tonight put together a prototype of a red & white pinwheel design. I like it okay - I think instead of using 2 different red & white prints it would look better with 4 different red & white prints - I think that would make the actual pinwheel design stand out more.

I also did the pinwheel design using a foundation paper pieced pattern that I drew up - it went together beautifully and the points are so pretty. On the downside, foundation paper piecing is a wasteful technique - you end up with a lot of little fabric scraps.

Thankfully I do a LOT of applique projects which require little itty bitty pieces, so I save all of these scraps - they will get used one day.

So slowly, in crafting, sewing, and everyday life, I'm learning that more is not always better.

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