Friday, May 28, 2010

Kitchen Makeover - TaDa!

Here are some "before" photos of my kitchen. I was pretty okay with it as it was, although I'm not sure a kitchen can ever have enough storage space or work surface area. I get a lot of comments about my "red" kitchen. But everything red in my kitchen can be removed. This kitchen can be any color you want it to be.

This is the north wall in my kitchen. It was blank so I added these two storage units and that's all it was - storage space. I've lived with it this way for 10 years and never thought anything of it ... until ... two months ago ... as I was walking through my kitchen the thought just about knocked me over ... that is totally wasted space - add some base cabinets, a counter top, some shelves and viola! useful kitchen space.

While I'm somewhat handy around the house, this was slightly more than I wanted to tackle by myself so I hired a guy. He's great. His name is Brad Bonds and he works from the Williamston, NC area - if you want his phone number send me an email ( He met me at Lowe's a couple of evenings ago and we bought all the supplies and loaded them in his pickup truck, then transported them to my house.

I helped [got in his way] with the project. He was great about letting me help and I learned a lot.

One electrical outlet did have to be moved, but there was no plumbing work involved.

Here are "after" photos. I'm thrilled with all the additional storage space and work surface area but an unanticipated benefit is that this project encouraged [forced] me to reorganize my kitchen - so now my countertops are less cluttered, my little pantry is more user-friendly, and things are stored in a more logical way.

I have one last thing to add somewhere in my kitchen - a sign, because I'm naming all the rooms in my house. The kitchen/dining area will be Wild Flour Bakery. I have the boards for all the signs but just haven't had time to make them yet.

The first party is tomorrow - my mother's 83rd birthday - we're having a pizza bar! I'm blogging about that tomorrow on my weight loss blog - - because weight loss and pizza go together, right?

I supsect that in a few months the main-floor-very-blah-bathroom will be project fodder! Game On!

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