Friday, May 7, 2010

Easy Bed Bench

As promised! A posting that is not about quilting. The bed bench is made from an old bed set - the headboard is the pretty back, the footboard is the front, and the side rails were cut to the width I wanted for the seat. I cut the legs way down to make it the height I wanted. This was actually assembled in about 2 hours - my son helped me - in fact, he did most of the work. Then I painted it. Then I covered the seat (regular old plywood) with batting and a pretty fabric. I change the fabric cover several times a year to match whatever color I happen to have my room done in at that moment (matching my quilts, of course!).

Super fun, super fast, super cheap project - especially since the bed set was given to me for free!

If I was more "wood working savvy" it would probably be pretty easy to make a big box under the seat, put the seat on a hinge, and use the space for storage ... Maybe one day when I've learned a little more ...

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