Monday, May 10, 2010

More handbags

Then I promise, like the quilting, I'll give it a rest for a while. This is just a simple tri-folded bag to make a clutch, and is adorned with a vintage brooch. What could be simpler?

I don't carry large bags or I'll fill them up and then they get heavy. So I gravitate towards smaller handbags.

These are small clutches (about 8 x 7) and I got a roll making them using fabrics from my stash. They're called "Snap Happy" clutches and the "snap" part in the opening is simply a metal tape measure cut to whatever length you need. Ingenious. Wish I'd thought of it. So anyway, I made a ton of color combos and carry something different just about every day.

Then of course there are the cigar box bags ... I'm telling ya, a gal can never have too many bags.

And of course bookcover purses ... lined with pretty fabric. Believe me, no one else has a handbag like these!

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