Tuesday, April 20, 2010

These are a couple of quilted wall hangings I've made - the one with the hens is called Sister Chicks 1 and I gave it to my sister, Shelley. Each hen represents one of the 3 sisters - and each hen is sporting beaded "jewelry" in their birthstone color. This was a pattern that I purchased. I have Sister Chicks 2 waiting in the wings to make.

The other wall hanging was inspired by an art card that was given to me by my friend Kahla after her visit to St. John's Harbour in Newfoundland - it is of the crooked houses of St. John's Bay. I love the card so much so I used it as a guide for making this wall hanging - all applique and it consists of a gazillion little teeny tiny pieces! A piece of tulle has been quilted onto the top of this piece to help protect all of those little pieces.

Both wall hangings won an award at the Pamlico River Quilters' Guild 2008 show.

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