Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting Lost In My Garden

Actually, getting lost in my thoughts in my garden is probably a more appropriate way of saying it. I can putter for hours and hours and still want to do more. I want to plant, I want to weed, I want to trim, I want to clean, I want to dig, I want to water, I want to get dirt under my nails ... and then I just want to stand back and look. My garden is an ever-evolving entity that captures my attention and thoughts. Any worries seem to slip away while I'm in my garden.

The plant I couldn't name in my previous blog is a heleoestes - it's an annual and is pink foliage with a little bit of green in it. I thought the color would be pretty in the shade garden.

The night time temps are to remain above 50 so it's time to move the staghorn fern to the great outdoors for its extended summer vacation.

These photos are of my shade garden - this is only its 2nd year so it's still a baby garden, but I can already envision how lush and beautiful it will look when it is mature.

Some of the gals at work are bringing to me cuttings from their rose bushes so I can try to propagate them. Free plants are always good.

I can't wait to get home each day to my "burrow" and my garden. I think that's the sign of a wonderful home, don't you?

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