Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Irish Chain Quilt?

This is a simple 9-patch pattern that I believe becomes the Irish Chain pattern when you put all the 9-patch blocks together - not sure on that. However, there is an interesting story behind this quilt. I made this quilt for my ex-husband. ??? What? Actually, we may be divorced but we're still friends so I wanted to make a quilt for him. During a shop hop event I found these boxes of 3.5" pre-cut fabric squares on sale - a big sale. There were over a hundred squares in each box I purchased and all the colors were dark which looked masculine to me. Pair it with a beautiful white fabric and the dark colors just pop. I have to tell you, he was very surprised to get this quilt. I asked him if he uses it and he said no because he's afraid he'll get it dirty. Geezzz ....

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