Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Unique Journal Idea

I think this idea came from a recent issue of Country Living magazine. Anyway, it's an old book that is filled with paper that would have been thrown away at work. What's fun about making these journals is the book titles! For instance, the title of this book is "The Whole Truth and Nothing But" - isn't that a fabulous title for a personal journal? Of course, some folks might get peeved at me about defacing a book but honestly, it was in pretty bad shape otherwise I wouldn't have been able to buy it for pennies. So the book cost pennies, the rings cost pennies, the scrap paper was free - sounds like a deal to me! I'm on the hunt for more cheap-o books with neat titles. To make this, take the guts out of a book - you want only the front and back covers and the title from the spine. I sealed the cut end with duct tape. Cut paper to the size needed, clamp everything together and drill holes. Add the rings. Viola! A very personal journal.

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