Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Shade Garden - It's In Its Infancy ...

This photo was taken 2 weeks ago and the plants were barely visible. I can't believe how much they've grown in the week I've been on vacation - I'll post some new photos soon. It will take years for this shade garden to mature and there is so much I want to add to it - it's hard to pace myself.

My goal for this week is to propagate about 20 hydrangeas - hoping that 10-12 will actually root. One side of the shade garden will be nothing but hydrangeas and hostas. I love adding little elements of whimsy to the area, too.

The area also becomes a "nursery" for the Christmas cactuses that I will propagate - this year I plan to propagate 25 or so - they make great gifts to give to friends and last year I enjoyed the plants that bloomed with 2 or 3 color blossoms in one pot. I'll create more of those this year.

It will be a joy to watch this area grow over the summer months.

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