Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sally's Burrow - The First Post

This blog will be about my home, my many sewing and crafting projects, my garden, my canine and feline companions, and my passion for creating.

The sweet little guy in this photo is Charleston, an 8-month old terrier-something. He has recently joined our family, much to my old cat's dismay. While my old cat (Lucky) may not be so happy about this decision, I most certainly am because so far not a day has gone by that Charleston hasn't managed to do something to make me laugh.

I follow a number of blogs that focus on decorating on the cheap, repurposing what some may consider junk into something useful and fun, decorating homes, and such. I admire the creativity and passion of these bloggers.

"Repurposing" does not come naturally to me. It is not my first inclination to look at something and envision it as something else, or in a different color, or turned on its side, and so on and so forth. I'm trying to develop this skill, and a skill is exactly what it is. So, I will use this blog to share that adventure with you.

I'm also an avid quilter and would love to share this passion with you as well. I'll post photos and explain the purpose and origination of various quilts.

I named my house The Burrow. I chose that name for a couple of reasons. First, I love my home. It is a pleasure to come home to my burrow and "burrow" in for the evening. Second, I think rabbits are so cute and have a number of rabbit-related things scattered about my home and garden.

I think everyone should name their home; it will give your home its own personality.


  1. You are impressive, my friend! I hope to see LOTS of photos of your creative outp!t~

  2. Wow Laura! How did you find this blog so quickly? I just put it together yesterday afternoon ...