Sunday, July 11, 2010

What To Do? What To Do?

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Yesterday morning my sisters and I went to a "new" junk shop". Actually, it's a house that has a sign out front that reads "Trash 2 Treasures" and they are NEVER open when I drive by. But yesterday morning they were. So I asked (begged) my sisters to go ...

What a delight. It was a true junk/antique shop. And I bought these old drawers. They look like they probably at one time were part of a sewing table.

I have not a clue what I'm going to do with them and am open to suggestions ... anyone got any ideas?

They are excellent candidates for painting. I know some wood-working buddies that would cut a top for me if I asked nicely. I've thought about using them in my sewing/craft room. I've also thought about leaving them in my shop for tools.
For right now they will just live on my work bench in my shop until I decide what they will be in their new life.

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