Monday, July 19, 2010

The Back Side of Your Work

My grandmother always said that the back side of your sewing/crafting work should look as good/neat as the front.

Hmm ... I'm afraid I have some pieces that I wouldn't DARE let her see the back of.

But look at the back of this block that Lori did for the Brush Up on Quilting Basics class I attended last Saturday. It is soooooo neat and tidy. Very precise. No strings or fraying. Very square. I'm in awe. During the class I also tried to discreetly watch Lori's technique. She's very methodical and precise in her movements and in the way she approaches quilting and sewing and ironing. I'm more of a bull-in-a-china-shop type of person. I've taken away so much from that class!

Next month she's offering a class in triangles - de-mystifying triangles in quilting. I'm there! And later she's toying with the idea of offering a class that deals with curves in quilting. I'm there, too! My imagination is reeling with all the possibilities that are open to me once I have a better grip on triangle and curves - right now I avoid them like the plague.

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