Monday, July 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times

Update: am also linking to

I'm linking to for Design Wall Monday. Since finishing Southern Rhapsody the quilt on my design wall has gone from a 96-piece/block quilt to an 8-piece/block quilt! I also have the cathedral window quilt I'm making for my son on my design wall in the event the mood strikes me to work on it - it's been months and months since the mood has hit me. Also on my design wall is a scarf I just finished knitting.

I also took a short break from quilting to sew together a couple of quickie projects from Joel Dewberry's book Sewn Spaces. The bird sachet (or pin cushion is what I'm going to use it for) was fun to put together and went together nicely. The Teddy Bear, though ... I'm hesitant to blame the instructions and think instead that the project just didn't click with me. The final product is okay but there is certainly lots of room for improvement. The belly pocket on the bear can hold small sewing supplies so it will sit on my sewing table, along with the bird pin cushion and be kind of a sewing assistant for me.


  1. Your little animals are adorable.

  2. The projects are great. The bear is ok but the bird is very cute. I think cathedral windows blocks are so pretty. Great ideas.

  3. The pinwheels are beautiful. I love the combination of red and white. Very classic.