Saturday, July 17, 2010

Support Your Local Quilt Shops!

Today I attended a quilting class entitled "Brush Up On Basics" at the local quilt shop. About 5 years ago I took a beginning quilting class at this same quilt shop, right down the road from my house. Since then I've made about 70-80 bed size quilts, lap quilts and wall hangings. Whatever I didn't learn in that beginning class I've tried to learn from reading, common sense, and by picking the brain of Lori, the owner of Cotton Fields Quilt Shop in Washington, NC. Whew. Thank goodness she had this class because I learned several tips and tricks that will make quilting life easier for me down the road.

Cotton Fields is an adorable but serious quilt shop. Her website is Here are some photos of the inside of her shop. She carries an excellent assortment of batik fabrics that make me drool! She also carries a fabulous selection of Asian fabrics.

I'm an avid believer in supporting the small, locally owned businesses - the locally owned quilt shops, beading shops, seafood markets, farmers markets.

True quilt shops, like Cotton Fields, carry superior quality fabrics. And what else would you want to quilt with when you're going to invest many, many hours of your time in a quilted project?

Please enjoy these photos taken today at Cotton Fields. Besides the photos of the interior of Cotton Fields, there are also photos of the class and moi with my finished quilt top, which is destined to be a quilt for my neighbor's baby girl due in August.

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