Monday, May 21, 2012

Design Wall Monday 5-21-12

I don't have EQ. I've toyed with the idea of purchasing it but my computer is very old and when I looked at the specs for the EQ program I realized I would probably need to buy a new computer. Don't want to do that. Not yet. Because it's a pain in the rear to move the files, reinstall programs, etc. And sometimes I just like the philosophy "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."
So, until I get EQ and a new computer, or in case I never do, this is my way of designing a quilt. I select fabrics I like ...

find some blocks I like, make several color copies of each fabric, then I cut out pieces and fit them together, move them around, and so on until I find something that appeals to me. When my cousin and I were making quilts together via the U.S. Mail service, I would make a paper block using color copies and send a copy to her so we could compare apples to apples. One foundation paper pieced block we made had 96 pieces in it and we were each making 18 blocks! Believe me, we wanted to make sure we were both on the same page with that one.

I'm going to start on a new bed quilt soon and I have my eye on the Swoon block by Thimbleberries. This design is for a 24" block. Yikes! On the bright side I'll only have to make 9 blocks. I'm going to cut and piece and audition the paper fabrics in this photo until I get the effect I'm looking for. I'll also be able to check to make sure I have enough fabric because for 3 of the fabrics I only bought 2 fat quarters so I'll need to be careful. When I bought the fat quarters I didn't have a bed size quilt in mind ... In the design process for this block I asked my friend Lori for her opinion and she brought to my attention the fact that the star in the middle fades away, so we'll do a little switch-a-roo with some of the fabrics to make the star pop out, and I've decided to replace the bright yellow with a blue.

Ocean Jools is finished. This was extremely fun to make. It's small - about 12 x 26 - so it went together fast. My last Design Wall Monday blog gives the designer's name/info. This whole piece was fun - selecting fabrics, cutting them out, appliqueing, beading, quilting. Fun fun fun.
Visit Patchwork Times today and see what others are working on.


  1. Before I had EQ I used to design on graph paper, frequently while sitting in meetings at work. I also carried a pencil that had about 30 colored leads so I could color in my design. I tried to sit at the back of the room so I didn't attract much attention and I got a lot of quilts designed that way. Your was is one I never thought of.

  2. I didn't even notice the star in the center til you mentioned it but I do love t hat block. It surely does have a lot of pieces but will be so pretty. Ocean Jools is beautiful! Definitely looks like a fun piece.

  3. Your Ocean Jools is lovely. The shells are very life like - what a stash you must have. I have the same dilemma with EQ - old computer. So what I did was buy an older version (in my case EQ4)to use on it and so far it seems to work on my designing. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your blocks are lovely and before EQ I designed blocks that way. And actually had to follow patterns....Ha. EQ is great but you do need a certain type of computer. You need a friend who has it so you can try it out!!

  5. I have EQ and I still prefer paper sometimes. I just like that tactile way of working I guess. Congratulations on the finish - that is some really pretty appliqué you did! Have fun playing with your big star blocks; it will be fun to see them evolve with the blue and other fabrics.

  6. What a neat way to plan a quilt. I think I do more jumping in and starting and less planning. I have eq on a netbook which makes it a bit hard to see but I do use it every once and a while. I am not all that good with it so sometimes I get frustrated. But every time I use it I get a little better, once I relearn everything! HA! Your little Ocean Jools quilt is fabulous. Where will it reside?

  7. Thanks Bonnie. Right now Ocean Jools is proudly hanging in my office!

    And after mulling over the paper version of the Swoon block I referred to in the post, I'm loving it less and less!!! Boy, glad I haven't cut any fabric.