Monday, May 14, 2012

Design Wall Monday 5-14

Finally, some noticeable progress.

Life's A Hoot, pattern by Angela Padilla and available through, is finished. This wall hanging was a lot of fun to do. In the end I ended up quilting it using a simple cross-hatch pattern. Most of the fabrics in this piece are from my stash. I did buy the grass fabric and wood grain fabric, but that was all.

Sea Stable, pattern by Debora Konchinsky, was also a lot of fun to do. Most of these batiks are from my stash. Although I was tickled pink with this piece before the embroidery and bead embellishments, I have to admit that the embroidery and beading really made it come to life. The quilting is simply vertical wavy lines ... trying to reinforce the water theme ...

FYI - Debora Konchinsky calls these patterns by another name - I renamed them to put my spin on them.
Here is a close-up of the featured sea horse. That's a whole lot of beads on that horse! From tip to tail that horse is 8.5" long. 5 of the horses in this piece have beading on them, and there are also beads here and there on the seaweed.

Ocean Jools, pattern by Debora Konchinsky, will be finished before the week's end. Living close to the coast, I love everything and anything related to seashells, which is what Ocean Jools is - a collection of seashells. I've started the beading embellishments on it and am amazed at much a little ol' bead can add to the "wow factor" of a piece. I'll post a photo of that finished piece next week (I hope).

Rebecca - this is the quilt my mother and I are working on together. While it's sad to think that this will likely be the last quilt piece she works on because the arthiritis in her fingers makes handling a needle or rotary cutter very difficult, I think it's ironic that this last piece is not only named after her, but is made from fabrics we used in a quilt for her bed - so it's very close to her. She will be giving this piece to her great granddaughter.

Make sure to take a few moments and visit Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday to see what some really amazing quilters are up to.


  1. How wonderful to have a photo of your mother working on a quilt! Love the beaded sea horse!

  2. I ;love that you and your mother are working together on this quilt. What a sweet story and great memories you are making.

    Love the little owls, too.

  3. Beautiful quilts and hand work. And, as an owl lover, What a Hoot is GREAT!! Maybe your mother can become the fabric and design supervisor now. I know that arthritis has limited my handwork time and it isn't fun to not be able to do what you used to do. Now is the time to look for new and/or different ways to continue your creativity.

  4. Very pretty quilts. The owl quilt is set ofc nicely with crosshatching. Your other blocks are gorgeous with embellishments. I cant had quilt anymore and relate with your mom. What an heirloom you are working on!

  5. You have done such terrific work on those quilts, congratulations. It is heartwarming to see the picture of your Mom working on that quilt, and to know that you are working on this one together-what a memory maker!

  6. Wonderful, wonderful! I like the crosshatch pattern for the owl quilt. Also, glad you included a close-up of your beaded seahorse.

  7. Wow, I just LOVE your seahorse quilt - I'm a seahorse nut!!! I may have to track down that pattern :*) And What a Hoot is just adorable!!! Oh how I wish I had time to make all the quilts I want to make!