Monday, July 9, 2012

Design Wall Monday 7-9-12

At the Sewing Expo in Raleigh a couple of weeks ago, I bought a pattern called Talulah by BJ Designs. I was drawn in by the tortoise but because I live along the coast I decided it would better fit in with the ocean-themed art quilts I typically do if it was a sea turtle instead of a tortoise, and by the ocean instead of a lake, and on the beach instead of a desert. So the pattern was my jumping off point.

There is still a lot to do on it. All the tiny pieces of fabrics need to be stitched down, then of course the piece will need to be quilted, and I have some lovely seashells that are size-appropriate for this piece that will find their way onto it. So this is currently on my design table. BJ Designs had a number of really fun animal patterns in bright, happy, and unexpected colors. Worth checking out.

I also picked up a pattern called Hampton's Handbag by Pink Sand Beach Designs and made it this past week. I typically carry a very small purse or pouch, but this bag is a good size and is easy to carry so I'm enjoying using it. I'm making it again using a single summery batik fabric for the outside, pockets and straps, and coordinating fabric for the interior, bag ties, and accents. Lori at Cotton Fields has received a beautiful supply of batiks recently that I positively drool over every time I go to her shop.

At the Expo I also picked up a pattern called The Cross Town Carry Regan's Bag by Marlous Designs that uses fat quarters for assembly and am working on that, as well.

But the highlight of my crafting weekend was Saturday's Artrageous Quilters meeting where a professor of textile art at the local university, Christine Zoller, taught us about loom bead weaving. Wow! Wow! Wow! Her pieces are spectacular. She uses intricately designed and bead woven pieces that are 6 to 7" square in her art quilts. I so enjoyed learning the technique and definitely plan to continue it. This little piece took me every bit of 2 hours to do and is 20 beads wide by 20 rows, so 400 beads in that little piece! Next I think I'll attempt one of the amulet purses that hangs around your neck.

As always, visit Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday to see what other awesome quilters are working on.


  1. Oh, how fabulous! I love the beading. Never thought about them being in quilts, only on them.


  2. Very pretty blocks and your beading looks fab!

  3. Oh, yes, there will definitely be more bead weaving going on! We needed a new craft/project like a hole in the head. Ha ha ha.