Sunday, December 5, 2010

Design Wall Monday 12-6-10

So much has been happening causing me to be absent for a while. I'm back, but not with a quilting project. Knitting has captured my attention; maybe that's because the weather has turned cold and I love to sit and knit when it's cold outside.

I've knitted a sweater for Sweet Charleston. He actually seems to like it!

And I finished the Sea Lettuce scarf (Lucy Neatby - I think the color yarn (Lion Brand Amazing in Rain Forest) is perfect for this scarf.

And finally, I ditched the knit-two-socks-at-a-time method and have decided to just learn how to knit a single sock. Maybe after I've learned that the knit-two-at-a-time method will make more sense to me. Anyway, this sock pattern is from the Patons Yarn website and the yarn is Patons sock yarn.

It will probably be after Christmas before I get back to my quilting projects

Today I'm linking to Judy's delightful blog at Patchwork Times. I never fail to learn something from her blog.


  1. I'm a knitter too and have ups and downs on whether I knit or quilt. I've got the book about knitting two socks at once but haven't tried it yet. although I've had the yarn and the book for nearly 2 years. Let's not rush into anything now... B.

  2. I haven't knitted for ages, though I think about getting back into it. Cute sweater! :)

  3. I tried knitting as a very young woman and realized that I don't have the knack for knitting. Now I wish I had stuck with it but have no hands-on teacher.

  4. I seems to be the season for knitting.

  5. That lettuce scarf looks intriguing. Do I dare add anything more to my to do list............? Maybe not. LOL

  6. The lettuce scarf is great! I need to knock the rust off my needles and try that. Thanks for the link.