Monday, August 30, 2010

Design Wall Monday 8-30-10 - The Wedding Quilt

My design wall today is a design countertop in my kitchen. This pile of bags and fabric is the wedding quilt I'm making for Laura and Ruben. So far I have about 70% of the fabrics cut out and sorted into one block per bag and I have the bags in order of color placement because that is key to this quilt design. Then I discovered I was 1/2 yard short on the white fabric. Uh Oh! Will try to remedy that situation today. I also made a test block using scraps just to see if I would run into any issues. I don't normally make a test block but I don't have much fabric overage in case of errors so I'm treading carefully.

Also on my design ironing board is the foundation paper pieced wall hanging "Sunshine" - it is the Maryland star from Carol Doak's book on the 50 stars of the 50 states. It will be 9 blocks plus a border of some kind that is yet to be decided. I worked on it yesterday evening then got up at 5 this morning to work on it a bit more. It should go together easily.

Over the weekend I finished this baby quilt (Megan Lee) for a neighbor. I don't typically do "baby" quilts because I feel the child outgrows them so quickly. I prefer to do something I hope the child can grow with. So, instead of using baby fabrics and pinks, I opted for a soothing green palette with a few pink flowers and even a bit of blue.

And I finished this quilt for my bed, "Summer's Folly". A totally unplanned effect was how well the quilt and my collection of glass hens go together. This is a random Irish Chain design made from shirting fabrics and a tone-on-tone white.
Next Monday I hope to be showing a finished "Sunshine" quilt top and major progress on the wedding quilt.


  1. I love the Summer's Folly quilt. It is perfect with your glass collection. Don't you love those unexpected bonuses :)

  2. You definitely have been busy, great quilts. I like the "non-baby" baby quilt.

  3. You have my curiosity up, now, about this wedding quilt. I'll be watching to see what it turns out to be.

  4. Wow, you are great at finishes. I seem to be only good at starting things this year. Love the quilt on your bed--Irish chain is one of my all time faves.