Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bats In My Belfry

Well, not my belfry, but I do have a little bat living in one of my bluebird boxes. I discovered the little bugger yesterday while mowing the yard. I've declared her to be female and have named her Ms. Betty Bat. I'm hoping (hint hint son) to get a bat box for my birthday this year (are you listening son?).

Ms. Betty Bat was sleeping peaceful at the front part of the bluebird box but when I opened it she turned around and scurried to the back corner, so this photo is of her back side.

We'll leave her alone now - let her sleep in peace. I hope she hangs around for a while.
P.S. - I apologize - I realized 2 days later that I forgot to download the photo of Ms. Betty Bat to this posting.


  1. I LOVE your post. To me, as I read it, you are speaking as Mrs. Beatrix Potter! I LOVE IT! I can only read this post as you being Rene Zelweger in BEATRIX! How wonderful!
    Where do you live Sally?!?!
    Bats are a good thing. We have them here. I see them over at the beach at night and then over our koi pond,eating the mosquitoes... XO

  2. Awww, bats are good in my book...they eat mosquitoes! :)

  3. Cute!Thanks for stopping over and commenting on my clothespins post! I like hanging the wash out too but haven't done it in awhile.