Monday, June 11, 2012

Design Wall Monday 6-11-12

Beach"es"Cape is progressing nicely. I've thoroughly enjoyed the handwork and the "no-rules-do-whatever-you-want" process of this townscape. What's left to do? I plan to stitch in a few more beach chairs, a sand bucket or two, a couple pairs of flipflops, a bicycle ... a few other things might pop into my imagination, too. I also have some small colorful coquina clam shells and some small bits of sea glass I plan to glue to the "sand." And I'm also still leaning towards stitching on a few beads here and there, maybe as a few constellations in the sky.

Planning for my next townscape is well underway.

Take a few moments and visit Patchwork Times today for Design Wall Monday - the creativity and talent posted on Judy's Design Wall Mondays is quite spectacular.

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  1. Sally, I love your beach seen. It's quirky, just the way I like it.