Monday, January 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday 1-21-13

Mug Rugs! I love making these little guys. They're super fast, and it's a great opportunity to explore new techniques and stitches without having to make a huge time commitment, and it's a great way to use up fabric scraps. And they keep me busy and out of trouble.

So, I have 4 mug rugs going right now. One is crayon dyed piece - it should be obvious to tell from the photo which one it is - I will be embellishing it a lot with stitching, both by machine and hand, to make the houses and the overall design show up better. The mushroom mug rug is similar to one I saw on Pinterest. The bird/birdhouse is a single McKenna Ryan block I made, just because. And the turquoise/black mug rug with the silver cardinals - well, I was just playing around with that one.

I use these mug rugs at home and at work and really enjoy them.

Take a few photos to visit Patchwork Times today for Design Wall Monday.


  1. I should probably do some of these to work on my applique technique. Instead, I jumped into Comfort and Joy!! Not smart, huh?

  2. Greetings Sally! I love your Mug Rugs. They are so colorful and creative. Like you, I've been into making them in this 2013 year. I've been giving them away as a kind of playing it forward thingy.
    Have a great week!!

  3. Very nice. Now the pressure is on for me to do something with my crayon piece!!!

  4. Very nice mug rugs! I have been meaning to try these.