Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Critters - Ya Gotta Love 'Em

I feel lucky to have a 16 mile drive to/from work - no traffic lights! I pass a couple of small working farms that have critters and I get to watch them live their lives. Recently, a colt was born. His first couple of days were rather shaky on those skinny, wobbly legs, but once he was steady and his confidence increased, I started seeing him go at a full-tilt run around his pen area, kicking those skinny back legs straight up in the air. His mother gives him an exasperated "Kids!!!" look. I'll swear, if horses can roll their eyes, she did! hahaha

A pasture I pass everyday usually has a small-ish herd of cows grazing - I'd say there are ~50 cows in the herd. And a rooster. Yes, a rooster. I hope you can see him in the very center of this photo. He's been part of that herd for 3 years now. I don't know if he knows that he's a rooster hanging with a bunch of cows, or if he thinks he's a cow. But wherever the cows are, so goeth the rooster-cow. If they're taking a siesta, well, so is he. Last year there was one sheep with the herd as well, but I haven't seen the sheep yet this year. And lately they've added a lot of calves to the mix - they are so cute when they run and play with each other.

Last autumn another small farm I pass daily had a lot of baby goats - kids. Adorable! Right now that same small farm has a lot of baby sheep. To me, that farm is "the nursery".

I also pass a house everyday that has two labradors retrievers standing guard - one chocolate, one yellow. At the end of the day they await their respective masters. The chocolate lab sits on the west side of the property, looking eastward. The yellow lab sits on the east side of the property, looking westward. Maybe one belongs to the mr. of the house and the other belongs to the mrs.

And when I arrive at my burrow my Sweet Charleston's little face is looking out the window, like a ghostly apparition. I smile everytime I see it. I love his name, "Charleston", however "Casper" would have also been a good name for him. So would "Squirt" for some not-so-pleasant reasons. My cat probably thinks the name, "Skeeter" would be very appropriate for Charleston since he pesters the cat like a mosquito.

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