Monday, March 7, 2011

Design Wall Monday 3-7-11

Here are pieces for the next quilt my cousin and I will make together 3/16-3/20 - a beautiful bargello wave quilt for my sister. At that point Patricia and I will have made a bed-size quilt for each of our siblings - she's in GA and I'm in NC so it's been a bit of a challenge. For the other 3 quilts we made together we figured out how to do it via US Mail or UPS. But the bargello quilt ... I just can't come up with a good way to do it without actually being together. So, I get to take a fun road trip to her hood and we'll sew for 2.5 days - I think we'll be able to get the quilt top finished and ready to take to Lilly Lucier in Vanceboro, NC for machine quilting. I love going to Patricia's place - they have 400+ acres in the middle of GA - it's a beautiful area and should be especially pretty with spring popping out right now.

Check out Patchwork Times today for Design Wall Monday.

Other quilting news, sort of, is my "new" sewing & crafting studio. Actually, it was my son's "man cave" and I'll not show any "before" photos because it was a hideous mess that only a male teenager can make! Once I got all of my crafting and sewing stuff up here, I wondered how in the world I managed to work in my previous 12 x 12 room. This new space is 450 sq. ft.! I was a bit worried that he might resent my taking over his space, but we talked about it and he agreed that he's no longer living at the burrow, so it only makes sense that I utilize the space the best way possible.

And a final fun report ... a group called The Artrageous Quilters in eastern NC meets once a month to inspire and share their respective talents. In March 2010 they were given a challenge quilt to make and this past weekend the pieces were unveiled. The challenge was a take on the kids game of telling a secret to the first person and going around in a circle telling the same secret and then seeing what the last person heard the secret to be. Oh my! What a fun challenge it was - to see the results please visit my friend Lori's blog at Talk Is Cheap Quilts. The challenge for 2011 is "Walk Thru My Garden" and is due March 2012 - I'm going to participate in this challenge.


  1. Those fabrics will make a fabulous bargello quilt. I look forward to seeing it.

  2. Have fun in Georgia! Take some pics for us Yankees who are still buried in snow!

  3. You are one lucky lady to have such a wonderful quilting space! Can't wait to see the bargello quilt love the colours!

  4. Since you are the boss of your house and not your teenager, you have a perfect right to use that big room for your studio. He shouldn't have any say in the matter!

  5. Those fabrics will be beautiful in a bargello. Now that you have the Man Cave you will need to name it for you! Nice area!